• Dr. Xu


    Ph. D. of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
    Working Experience:
    2010 - 2015, M.D. & Dr. of TCM, Shanghai Towa Clinic Center, Shanghai, FT
    2012 - 2015, M.D. & Dr. of TCM, Shanghai TengHe Clinic Center, Shanghai, PT
    2010 - 2014, M.D. & Dr. of TCM, Parkway Health Center, Shanghai, PT
    2007 - 2010, M.D. & Dr. of TCM, Shanghai Global Health Care Clinic Center, Shanghai, FT
    2007 - 2015, M.D. & Dr. of TCM, Zen-health Wellness Center, Shanghai, PT
    2005 - 2007, M.D. & Dr. of TCM,Visiting Scholar and Clinical Observer,Medicine Faculty,University of Toronto
    1996 - 2005, Neurologist, Shanghai Yue-yang Integrated Medicine Hospital , teaching hospital of Shanghai University of TCM

    • Hormone disorders: menopause syndromes, hot flush, sweating, moody, etc.
    • Metabolic disorders: over weight, high blood fat, high urine acid, high blood sugar
    • Immune disorders: chronic fatigue with low immune function, such as: chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, etc.
    • Digestive functional disorders: chronic gastritis, IBS, constipation;
    • Pain and chronic sports injury management: neck pain, back pain, lower back pain, joints pain, muscle pain, etc.
    • Mind functional disorder: fatigue, stress, insomnia, headache, vertigo
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