About Us


Traditional Chinese Medicine Care Center

We are Calgary’s leading complementary health and wellness clinic and are committed to providing patients with an integrated approach to achieving health and well-being.

All-natural approach using acupuncture and herbs

We have successfully treated over 10,000 patients since we first opened our clinic in 2000.
Our founder, Dr. W. Zhao has over 30 years of academic and clinical experience in Canada and China
(where he practiced as a Hematology and Medical Oncologist) helping patients achieve and maintain health and wellness using: Acupuncture Therapy,  Chinese Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Moxibustion, and Diet.

Find out how we’ve helped thousands of sufferers like yourself achieve positive results through a combination 
of acupuncture and natural herbs:

  • Get off painkillers & get your quality of life back
  • Sleep soundly through the night
  • Boost energy & immune levels
  • Control Sugar/Insulin levels naturally
  • Curb appetite & melt away fat
  • Balance your hormone levels naturally

Do You Suffer from Diabetes, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Weight Problems?

Anxiety DisorderArthritisChronic Fatigue SyndromeDepressionDiabetesEDFibromyalgia
HypertensionInfertilityInsomniaMenopauseMetabolic SyndromeMigraineOsteoporosis
Reverse Insulin Resistance

Many of the above symptoms are often the result of unbalanced hormonal and immune levels in a person’s body.

Conventional treatments such as chemical drugs and opiates mask the symptoms such as pain but the underlying condition causing the pain continues. Our approach is to treat the underlying condition, bringing about balance and support for the body’s natural healing process.

We aim to provide the highest quality health care and service to all our patients and do our best to let you receive excellent care in achieving your goal of healthy positive results.

Find out why many of our patients, who have often already tried many other approaches and treatments, come to our clinic.