Acute and Chronic Insomnia: Like pain, insomnia can be classified as acute (lasting less than 1 month) or chronic (lasting months). Insomnia is a very common condition in which a person isn’t getting enough sleep or is getting poor quality of sleep and the typical patterns of insomnia include

Prolonged insomnia can result in muscular fatigue, inability to focus, hallucinations, depression which can leading to more serious conditions such as hypertension and heart disease.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Better Sleep: According to Chinese medicine theory, insomnia occurs when there is an imbalance in the body’s Yin (cool) and Yang (hot) energy or between organs (heart and kidney). For example, women often experience insomnia and ‘hot flashes’ during menopause and according to Chinese medicine theory, this is the result of a deficiency of Yin energy.

Doctor will help you to determine the cause– and not the symptoms– of your insomnia. He will then prescribe therapy which rebalances your body’s organs and resulting energy levels.

One of the common noted benefits of acupuncture includes better sleeping patterns, and relaxation; this is the result of increased endorphin levels which is often lacking in people suffering from insomnia. In addition to acupuncture therapy, many Insomnia sufferers have benefited from Dr. W. Zhao’s Yin Yang capsules, which contain powerful, concentrated herbal extracts such as Acanthopanax Root (known as Siberian Ginseng in the West), which has been proven to be effective for treating insomnia.

As opposed to simply taking sleeping pills which do not cure the cause of Insomnia, acupuncture combined with Dr. W. Zhao’s all natural herbal capsules are a non-chemical, non-addictive and natural alternative to treat insomnia. 


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