Dr. Zhao has helped me so much. Since going through 11/2 years of cancer treatment my body was hit hard. I had no strength, my bones hurt, my immune system was very low and I had no energy.
 Today I am feeling back to my old life.
 I continue to go to Dr. Zhao to keep my body healthy.
 Going regularly is most important to stay well.
If you are struggling with anything  I strongly recommend Dr. Zhao.

…Cheryl H., Calgary, AB (2022)

*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


I started TCM treatments with Dr Zhao as a way to manage my Type 2 diabetes.    I was diagnosed 5 years ago and have tried numerous treatment programs (prescription medication, naturopathic remedies and supplements, intermittent fasting, weight loss, exercise, and controlled medical studies with weekly check ins.  While I was able to bring my A1C (blood glucose reading) within a reasonable range of normal (6.6), this only lasted for about 3 months and then rebounded back to higher numbers (7.2+).

 A local pharmacist recommended Dr. Zhao as I searched for an alternative to medication (pills + weekly injections) to manage my diabetes. While it is an investment, after 3 months of bi-weekly treatments and herbs, my A1C is .1 above a normal reading and I’ve been able to gradually reduce my prescription medication by 75% and eliminate the need for weekly injections.  My family doctor is astounded at the results and has even suggested that if my 6-month reading is within normal range, I can stop taking prescription medication!

While not a cure for T2 diabetes, I am a believer in Dr. Zhao’s proprietary TCM treatment to manage blood sugar and increase the body’s ability to process sugars in a natural way, reducing a lifelong dependence on increasing levels of prescription medication.  I am happy to refer friends and acquaintances to Dr. Zhao and China Traditional Medicine.  Thank you to the team at China Traditional Medicine!

…Pam L., Calgary, AB (2021)

*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I was introduced to Dr Zhao Sr by a niece who felt certain that Dr Zhao could help me reduce anxiety related to cancer. And, she was absolutely correct – Dr  Zhao’s acupuncture treatments have significantly reduced my anxiety, improved my immune system (which wards off disease) and boosted my energy. Under Dr Zhao’s treatment, I feel I’m in the most competent and caring of hands. And, as a huge bonus to his patients, his son is also an acupuncturist practicing in the same clinic following closely in his father’s footsteps. It is a gift to be supported by both of them. I am so grateful I was introduced to Dr Zhao.

…Maureen H., Calgary, AB (2021)

*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

Since it was my 6th treatment and the last one before I move to Toronto, I wrote a testimonial about my experience over the last few weeks and would be super happy if it was shared with Dr. Zhao and posted online. During the past year, I started experiencing really bad panic attacks and constant anxiety due to working from home all the time. I was constantly anxious and had trouble leaving my house without feeling panic. In May 2021, I decided to go back to Dr. Zhao (I have visited his clinic a number of times throughout the past 8 years and received successful treatment) and was really confident that he would help me get back on track again. After about 6 treatments, my anxiety decreased and I haven’t had a panic attack for over a month (since I started receiving treatments again). I would highly recommend Dr. Zhao and I owe him so much for helping me become less anxious and much happier. His acupuncture sessions and herbs have helped me regain strength and I genuinely feel healthier too. If my anxiety ever comes back again, I know Dr. Zhao and his professional team will be able to help me. Thank you again, Dr. Zhao, I am so incredibly grateful for your help!

…Mark B., Calgary, AB (2021)

*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I am grateful to Dr. Zhao for my improved sleep. My renewed sleep has also helped several other minor issues.  I had become exhausted over the course of several months and I finally decided to try acupuncture treatments. It took only three treatments for me to see that there was a big shift and this gave me hope. My sleep deepened over several more treatments and I was grateful to see some weight loss as well.  As I decided to ask for other issues to be worked on,  some of those are also being taken care of.  I now know where to go to get help in the future.  I can’t be more grateful for Dr. Zhao and his expertise.  Next time I will book in before things get difficult. .

…Jan H., Calgary, AB (2021)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

My name is Jennifer and I practice as a pharmacist in Calgary, Alberta. As a pharmacist, I believe very strongly in evidence-based medicine and try my best to practice evidence-based medicine. In school, we learn that there is some evidence for acupuncture in certain medical conditions ranging from Parkinson’s disease to fibromyalgia. I first sought out Dr. Zhao because my TSH was 2.93 and while that is within the normal range for most people, as someone that is trying to become pregnant, the TSH values should be less than 2.5. It was not a level that needed to be treated with medication so I decided to see if acupuncture would be able to bring down my TSH. Dr. Zhao recommended weekly treatments and to cut out caffeine (although I was only drinking 1 cup of coffee per day). I wanted to commit to a three-month trial, an adequate amount of time to see if it would make a difference to my TSH levels. After three months, my TSH was down to a 1.53 with absolutely no changes to my life except cutting out caffeine and doing acupuncture with Dr. Zhao every week! Obviously, I was very happy with the results. I am now 9 weeks pregnant as well. I want to thank Dr. Zhao for his expertise and wonderful work.

…Jennifer K., Calgary, AB (2020)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat in 2015. Upon the diagnoses I was sent to a heart specialist who indicated that my irregular heart beat wasn’t serious but that I should be on a low dose of medication. I was placed on a dose of Metoprolol. After being on it for 6 months, the dosage was reduced as the doctor said a low dose is recommended for irregular heart beat. The medication reduced my blood pressure & pulse, and I was experiencing extreme tiredness, and at that point I was taken off the medication. I never had high blood pressure, my blood pressure my entire life has been in the low blood range. I started to research alternative or holistic approaches to assist my irregular heart beat. I was calling an acupuncturist in Calgary to ask questions about arthritis, and thought I have had acupuncture for Carpal Tunnel and never had to have surgery, maybe acupuncture is an answer to assisting my heart. I spoke with Dr Zhao & he indicated that he could assist, and we started acupuncture treatments in July 2017, along with Chinese herbs to keep my body in balance, & reduce the inflammation in my body & in the heart. I had an Echocardiogram in 2019 that showed my heart was close to normal but some area that wasn’t clear. The Echocardiogram of June 2020 is completely normal now, and the medical doctor indicated that he didn’t feel there was a need for an additional test in 2021. I am feeling so much better, as I do not have the ongoing concerns about my heart , and having no concerns has enhanced my mental, emotional, & spiritual wellbeing. I also know that the acupuncture is helping my immune system as I was one to have ongoing sore throats & have taken way too many antibiotics over the years, thanks to acupuncture I have not had a sore throat in eighteen months. The longer I continue with Dr Zhao & his acupuncture treatments & Chinese herbs my entire body is getting stronger & healthier. -Louise S.

… Louie S., Medicine Hat, AB (2020)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I would like to give my compliments to Dr Zhao. I have been seeing Dr Zhao over the years for acupuncture for stress symptoms which has worked very well and really helped. However where his expertise was most profoundly demonstrated was when myself and my wife wanted to have a baby and boost our fertility to do so. We had been trying for a few years, and consulted options including our own family medical doctor and a referral to a Calgary fertility clinic. The fertility clinic did some tests, but did not have any practical means to increase fertility to naturally become pregnant. I discussed with Dr Zhao in November 2019 and he recommended an acupuncture schedule for my wife and provided her with various Chinese herbs to increase fertility. We took a break in December for a few weeks around Christmas but otherwise continued with the acupuncture and herbs through to March, and Voila! My wife became pregnant in mid-April (with twins!). Dr Zhao and his Chinese Traditional Medical clinic have the expertise based on many years’ experience and education in traditional Chinese medicine which compliments your own body as opposed to strong drugs and invasive surgery recommended by western medical professionals. I am a huge advocate and supporter of Dr Zhao. He is brilliant!

…Nathan R., AB (2020)
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I feel it’s imperative to let people know how much Dr. Zhao has helped not only me but my husband. At the time I started going to Dr. Zhao I could barely lift my arms for pain in my arms and shoulders. My joints ached everywhere( hands, elbows, wrists etc) plus I suffered from numbness in both arms and hands keeping me awake at night. My feet were so sore it was hard to keep going. Much of my problems were caused from aggressive cancer treatment over 11/2 years. Today I feel like a new woman. My shoulders and arms are healed, joints feel back to normal, feet are almost back to where they were before treatment and numbness has gone. He has almost cleared my sinus’s as well. My husband has suffered from headaches for many years. Sometimes he would be in bed for 3 days, mostly from barometric pressure change. Dr. Zhao recommended Camphora oil to use. Since using it his headaches have not been nearly as severe or as often as before. He is able to work even when the weather changes. We are so grateful for the help and knowledge received from Dr. Zhao. Thank you Dr. Zhao. You have given us our quality of life back.

… Cheryl H., Calgary, AB (2020)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I originally came to see Dr. Zhao in 2014. My problem is Diabetes. He gave me a soup diet. I unfortunately can’t follow it fully, but I do have the soup and lost a lot of weight. It makes me feel so healthy. Since I came back to Dr. Zhao in Aug 2018, I have lost another 10 pounds. The soup is delicious and I feel lighter. No bloating makes me go to the bathroom more and bowel movement is easier. I have colon cancer and since my allergy having bowel movements is a problem. I have diabetes, the herbal medicines that I got from Dr. Zhao have reduced my blood sugar levels to the point of 4-6. This is an amazing I haven’t it had low in many years, even with medicines. I can’t explain all the benefits to my health since coming to see Dr. Zhao

… Cathy S., Calgary, AB (2018)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I have had excellent success with the treatment I have received from Dr. Zhao and am happy to share my results. About 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with gout and the beginnings of high blood pressure (hypertension). I was at the point where my doctor wanted to put me on medication for the hypertension and was already on medication for gout attacks, which occurred within days of having a couple glasses of wine or beer. Since going on a treatment program of acupuncture combined with his herbs, Dr. Zhao has cured my hypertension and I have not had an attack of gout for over a year, even with some social drinking. Thanks to Dr. Zhao and his program I am able to stay free of taking any western medication for either ailment. Dr. Zhao’s acupuncture is amazing and second to none. As an added benefit to curing my ailments, I leave feeling totally relaxed and zen. I can’t imagine going more than a few weeks without a treatment! I am grateful to be able to be treated naturally, as I feel it is a far better approach for my wellbeing. Thank you Dr. Zhao.

… Mike F., Calgary, AB (2017)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

Thank you for healing my arthritic fingers and restoring them to their normal function. I first saw you on September 20 of 2017. The third finger on my right hand was very sore and inflamed. I had difficulties bending it in the mornings. The middle finger on my left hand was slightly inflamed but not as sore. I had difficulties bending this finger too. When you looked at my fingers, your first words were ” I can fix it ” and I felt very reassured. Dr. Zhao, you were true to your words. My third finger did feel less sore after the first visit. My middle finger was on the left hand was healed. I saw you again on September 22 and 26. By this time the swelling on my third finger had already gone down and mobility was less painful. By my fourth visit on September 29, my finger was significantly less sore. I felt comfortable enough to go for a holiday. I returned to see you again on October 18 and 20. You were happy to see that my finger was almost completely healed. I was happy too that I was no longer feeling any pain and my fingers have full mobility. Thank you, Dr Zhao for “fixing” my arthritic fingers. I know you cannot reverse the damage arthritis has done to my fingers, but I am glad that you can restore them to their normal function and prevent further damage through acupuncture. Thank you also for educating me on the importance of being proactive by boosting the auto immune system through regular acupuncture to prevent any flare ups. Please feel free to post my letter in any social media as I want to send the message out that it is important to have regular acupuncture to boost the auto immune system and not wait till a problem happens. Acupuncture can cure the problem and prevent further complications but it cannot reverse any damage. Always be pro active. Thank you again.

… Alice C. Calgary, AB (2017)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I have been a patient of Dr. Zhao for 3 months. He has been treating me for atrial fibrillation. To date he has helped me overcome the nasty side effects of the drugs I am on and also helped to lower my a-fib pulse rate. Overall I feel much better because of his treatments. Also he has helped with my inguinal hernia which sometimes does not bulge for a few hours after some of his treatments. Overall I am very pleased with the results so far and will work with Dr. Zhao to continue along this path to a full recovery.

… Doug C., Calgary, AB (2018)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I can’t tell enough people about your amazing healing”. I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely fabulous treatment. The acupuncture on my hip and neck and the vitamin D injection relieved 99% of my pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you ever need more testimonials – I will provide one. I can’t tell enough people about your amazing healing and your wonderful staff.

… Shan M., Calgary, AB (2015) 
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Zhao has done for me in 8 years what western medicine and western doctors have been unable to accomplish in more than 40 years”. I began seeing Dr. Zhao for treatment on my right knee after a car accident in 2006. After approximately 6 sessions, the pain and stiffness was gone and I had regained most of the mobility. This was after I had been previously told by two doctors that not much could be done about my injury and that I would have to live with the pain and stiffness for the rest of my life. After the treatments on my knee were finished, I continued to see Dr. Zhao on a weekly basis to see if you could help me with my chronic asthma and allergies. Prior to the acupuncture treatments, I was taking Pulmicort twice daily and was using my Ventolin at least twice per week. After a few months of acupuncture treatments, I was able to cut my Pulmicort doses in half and have virtually eliminated the need for Ventolin anymore. Prior to the acupuncture treatments, my allergies were quite severe. There were some days where it was so bad I was forced to take time off work. I had been to several doctors and had tried dozens of different medications, none of which provided any long-term relief. As a teen, I underwent multiple rounds allergy tests, all of which proved inconclusive. After 40 years of this agony, I was now at the point where most allergy medications were virtually ineffective, forcing me to take 2-3 times the recommended dosage just to be able to function. I had found some relief from using prescription steroid nasal sprays, but their effectiveness would diminish after a year or so and I would have to switch to a different brand. While these sprays helped somewhat, they did not completely eliminate my allergy attacks. After approximately 6 months of acupuncture treatments, I noticed that the frequency of my allergy attacks had dropped dramatically as well as the severity. After two years of semi-monthly treatments, I was able to cut my nasal spray dosage in half, and my allergy attacks had been reduced to only a few per year. Fast forward to today, 8 years after first walking into Dr. Zhao’s office, and I have completely eliminated my need for allergy medication. Another benefit I have found from regular acupuncture treatments is a sharp decline in the frequency and severity of colds and the flu. I used to catch a cold several times in a year, now I average a cold once a year, and the severity is so mild that I rarely have to take time off work. Dr. Zhao has done for me in 8 years what western medicine and western doctors have been unable to accomplish in more than 40 years.

… Peter L., Calgary, AB (2014)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

Dr .Zhao helped me get back on track”. I started having panic attacks and anxiety in grade 12, due to the large amount of stress school had on me. I did a lot of online research, and found Dr. Zhao’s acupuncture place. After 5-6 sessions, I started feeling a huge difference. I became much calmer, and the panic attacks haven’t come back since. I owe Dr. Zhao so much, he helped me get back on track!

… Mark B., Calgary, AB (2013)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“The result of Dr. William Zhao’s Natural herbs: Fibroids, Yin & Yang” … Tracy D., Calgary, AB (2013)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

A great improvement in my overall health”. I have suffered from severe migraines, since the age of 12. Over thirty years. I have tried many prescriptions and was very frustrated that nothing worked. Then I went to see Dr.Zhao, after six sessions of acupuncture and the herbs he gave me, I feel much better. A great improvement in my overall health. Thank-you so much.

… A. M R., Calgary, AB (2013)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

My health back to normal”. After being diagnosed with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and high cholesterol over six years ago I had quickly progressed to the maximum dose of metformin. My western doctor told me my next option was to start insulin injections or I would burn out my pancreas. My wife started looking for alternatives and we came across Dr. Zhao’s website. After my first acupuncture treatment I notice a drop in my blood sugars and after the third treatment I had my first normal blood sugar test in six years. By the twelfth treatment in combination with the Chinese Herbs my sugars are normal, blood pressure is normal and after my last blood test my cholesterol is normal all without any of my western medications. Thank you Dr.Zhao

… G. L., Calgary, AB (2013)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

Thank Dr William Zhao for his constant care this past ten years”. On behalf of my family, I wish to thank Dr William Zhao for his constant care this past ten years during weekly treatments. He has enabled me to have a quality of life far beyond expectations for a person with arthritis thus allowing my family and friends the continued enjoyment of hearing the piano to still be played in our home. His healing sensitivity for my husband dealing with post stroke recovery, asthma and high blood pressure has been remarkable. It has allowed Bob to enjoy unexpected healing and a new joy in life. As a clinical practitioner Dr. William Zhao has the highest integrity and capability of any physician we know. We are grateful he has chosen to make his home in our city and recommend his clinic highly to citizens of Calgary seeking to increase joy of life through healing they did not believe possible. Respectfully submitted.

… F. B., Calgary, AB (2012)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

Herbs”. Dr. Zhao recommended three herbs for my high blood pressure and high blood sugar as I was diagnosed with diabetes one year ago. For the high blood sugar he recommended pancreas nourishmnet which has kept my blood sugar at a normal range between 5 and 7. The other herbs one called Blood Essence has lowered my blood pressure again to a normal level. The third herb called Three Down contrains some major ingredients which also helped normalize my body. I would certainly recommend seeing Dr. Zhao for these conditions as the medications from the doctor helped very little.

… S. Pelletier, Calgary, AB (2013)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I am now stronger and able to live a normal life”. I consulted Dr. Zhao in August 2011 because my immune system was compromised by chemotherapy received for CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). I was frequently ill due to viral inflammations which often caused hospitalization. My oncologist had tried everything available to him and I also tried naturopathic remedies. Dr. Zhao’s treatment of acupuncture and Chinese supplements made a difference to my health and I am now stronger and able to live a normal life.

… T. E., Calgary, AB (2012)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I have noticed a significant improvement in my energy level and an overall feeling of great health”. I first fell ill in December 2010 and lost about 45 Ibs within the space of 1 to 3 months. My experience throughout this time was that of frequent urination accompanied with acute thirst and an insatiable desire for sugary products. This continued to grow worse until I was taken down with a serious ear infection in May 2011 and couldn’t sleep for over a month. I was taken to emergency with the initial reading of my blood glucose level being 26.5 and diagnosed and treated for diabetes. I was discharged when the glucose level was under control and placed on Metformin but with no significant improvement once I was home. I fell ill again in February 2012 this time with pneumonia and Type 1 diabetes was confirmed. I started off with my glucose level being controlled using insulin and on a strict diet plan. My doctors advised that my pancreas is no longer working and will have to be on insulin for the rest of my life. However, for the past 2 to 3 months, I observed that I was no longer responding to insulin with my fasting blood glucose level rising to 15.7. I decided to double the insulin shots but it was only on the rise recording over 20.0 during the day after meals. It was at this time that my wife accidentally came across Dr. Zhao’s website and we decided to give it a try. On my first visit I received acupuncture treatment and was given some pills which included the Ying-Yang Balance and Pancreas Nourishment. After a week I noticed that my fasting blood glucose level was recording between 9 and 10. The results have been remarkable after 4 weeks of treatment with my fasting blood glucose level only at between 5.5 – 6.5. With these levels I have since noticed a significant improvement in my energy level and an overall feeling of great health. Thank you Dr. Zhao!

… R. T., Calgary, AB (2012) 
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I was able to successfully manage the extreme withdrawal from a drug”. I have been receiving acupuncture and herbal treatments from Dr. Zhao for 11 months now. With these treatments I was able to successfully manage the extreme withdrawal from a drug that had severe side effects and that I was told I would have to be on for the rest of my life. My original health concern is no longer an issue, and I have lost 30 pounds. The drug was Zyprexa and I had tried to stop taking this on my own but the withdrawal symptoms were so extreme that I had lost all hope of ever being medication free, and healthy. I am not exaggerating when I say that Dr. Zhao saved my life. Thank you Dr. Zhao. To anyone who is thinking about trying acupuncture, come and see Dr. Zhao and give this type of treatment a chance to make a difference in your life.

… Dar S., Calgary, AB (2012)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I was getting much better control of my Type 1 diabetes”. I started taking Pancreas Nourishment the beginning of January 2012. After a few weeks I started to notice I was getting much better control of my Type 1 diabetes. I find that by taking the herbs my blood glucose levels are much more stable. Thank you Dr. Zhao

… Sheldon K., Calgary, AB (2012)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I need order more Pancreas Nourishment.”. Approximately six months ago I ordered 12 bottles of Pancreas Nourishment. You were kind enough to give me some discount. I would like ot order another 12 bottles, please. The product is working very well. Thank you.

… A. K., Edmonton, AB (2012)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

We had a new baby on the way!”. We already have a daughter and struggled for 14 months to conceive her; however, she was getting older and we really wanted her to have a brother or sister. Again after six months of trying with no luck, I turned to acupuncture and Dr. Zhao for help! Dr. Zhao took my medical history and was confident he could help. It was so relaxing to visit Dr. Zhao’s office every week, and within 12 treatments we had a new baby on the way!

… Jennifer H., Calgary, AB (2012)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

Acupuncture is working for me.”. I believe your internal organs work hard and when there is a problem normally you only find out about it when it is too late. I have always had a fear of dying too young. I want to be around to create memories with my family and the grandkids and one day my great grandkids so ever since I turned 45 I’ve been having annual doctor checkups and blood tests to closely monitor my health because of my lifestyle choices. I have been a restaurant owner for over 30 years and I found myself regularly enjoying nice cold beer in the closing hours of my business. Lately I had not been feeling well, lost 10 lbs, lost my appetite and was consistently tired. Blood tests showed my Alkaline Aminotransferase and Alkaline Phosphates levels were increasing over the past several years and were now at levels that were causing damage to my liver as well as an ultrasound showed my liver was in the first stages of cirrhosis of the liver. During my annual checkups the doctor had the same message, ‘slow down on your drinking’ until this past year when it became ‘quit drinking’. I needed to make some lifestyle changes as well as some medical treatment decisions to regain my health and get my body back to normal. By having regular checkups and blood tests the results were found in time for me to do something about it, before it was too late. Over the last three months I have had two treatments per week and a total of twenty four treatments with Dr. Zhao. I am happy to announce my Alkaline levels are returning to normal and I have gained back 10 lbs. I feel like my old self again. Acupuncture is working for me. It stimulated my body to heal itself and has reduced my cravings for alcohol. There are alternatives to western medicine and I recommend acupuncture with Dr. Zhao.

… W. K, Calgary, AB (2012)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I am now pain free!”. I want to say Thank You and express my appreciation for the help you have given for my arthritis. My fingers started disfiguring, crippling, and swelling. I could no longer wear my rings, I could not close two of my fingers more than 50% and was unable to sleep at night due to the excruciating pain. My knees started giving me problems next. I went to medical doctors for help. I was given pills which did not my hands, fingers, knees, nor did they take the pain away. After much frustration and research I was fortunate to find Dr. William Zhao who gave me acupuncture treatments and Chinese Medicine (Ying and Yang). I could see the difference in my crippling hands and knees after a few treatments. The pain was going away and I could sleep at night. Dr. Zhao gave me my life back. I am now pain free, my hands are back to normal with no swelling or crippling and I have full use of all of my fingers. My knees are also back to normal and I can once again walk with no pain. I am getting full nights of sleep. I only go for maintenance treatments once a month now. I would highly recommend Dr. William Zhoa, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to anyone who suffers from arthritis.

… B. P., Calgary, AB (2011)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I would like to share how Dr. Zhao has helped me in this last little while. I started going to Dr. Zhao after experiencing many symptoms from cancer treatment and taking a cancer pill called Anastrozole. I struggled with numbness in both arms and hands, joint and muscle pain and arthritis. My energy was also very low. After having acupuncture treatments on a regular basis my energy is so much better, joints/ muscles are better and the numbness only occurs occasionally. I also am sleeping better. I strongly suggest if anyone has gone through cancer treatment that involves chemotherapy, radiation and taking pills that help control the cancer from coming back, book an appointment to get acupuncture. Your body will thank you. Thank you Dr. Zhao. I am feeling healthy and well again.

… Cheryl H., Calgary, AB (2020)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I actually have energy!”. Some friends had recommended I see Dr. Zhao in 2009 when I hurt my shoulder and had debilitating pain. I went for 12 treatments: It took the first six treatments to make a difference, but each treatment after that resulted in incredible progress each time and the pain was gone by the 12th visit. In fact, I wasn’t sure I even needed the 12th visit. So I knew to go back when my shoulder started to hurt again in May. I also had a few other problems for him to work on while I was there this time: migraines and headaches (I pretty much had one or the other every day at that point), sinuses (living on decongestants because they were always blocked and waking up during the night because I couldn’t breathe through my nose), high blood sugar (I was almost diabetic), zero energy, numbness in my thumbs (probably because of the blood sugar), and needed to lose some weight to help reduce the blood sugar. Dr. Zhao had me take his herbal medications for blood sugar, metabolism and Yin/Yang for energy, ordered me to eat “NO SUGAR!”, and focus on eating more vegetables, eating a light meal n the evening (salad) and at time eat no meat or chicken. Plus, of course, I had acupuncture treatments for migraines and headaches, sinuses, neck and shoulder pain, and blood sugar. It’s amazing the difference between when I started in May and now (in November): • I actually have energy! I had none before – even the smallest tasks seem to be overwhelming. • I was exhausted every day – it didn’t matter how much sleep I had, it didn’t help. • The numbness in my thumbs is gone (and yes, for those who are wondering, those needles in the thumb did sting a bit going in!) • My shoulder is doing well again. • My migraines and headaches are severely reduced – I no longer have some type of headache every day which is amazing. In fact, I don’t have a lot of headaches now, just the odd one and sometimes it will just go away on its own after a couple of hours. I haven’t had what could be called a true migraine in weeks. • I don’t wake up during the night because I’m not breathing properly. (Now it’s only if my bladder wakes me up!) I used to wake up at least once, sometimes two, three or more times, because my sinuses were so blocked, I couldn’t breathe. I would have to spend anywhere from a few minutes to an hour getting them drained so I could breathe again and go back to bed to try to get some sleep. • I don’t have the food cravings that I used to have. I can actually say no now quite easily to those sugar treats, which is pretty darn amazing. • I’ve lost about 27 pounds so far. I’m almost done my treatments, but I hope to lose a few more pounds even after the treatments end. • At my last blood test in September, my blood sugar was normal for the first time in a long time, probably a couple of years. I had told my family doctor in May that I was trying acupuncture and had taken myself off the prescription diabetes medication. He’s been extremely pleased with my progress and in September, after reviewing my blood test results, told me to keep doing my acupuncture treatments! I’ve been recommending Dr. Zhao to a lot of people ever since I first went in 2009. For anyone who hasn’t tried acupuncture for their particular ailment, they really should investigate it. It’s amazing what a knowledgeable acupuncturist can do to help you.

… Nancy C., Calgary, AB (2011)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

Yin/Yang supplements have helped me”. I just wanted to let you know how much your Yin/Yang supplements have helped me. I sleep better at night & this helps be a better business person and a happier mom. You have a wonderful clinic & I recommend you to all my fmaily. Great work!

… LW, Calgary, AB (2011)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

With acupuncture my healing progressed further than anyone thought possible”. I was seriously injured in a car accident in May of 2007. MRI’s revealed herniated discs in my neck, at the L4/L5 spine area, and a synovial cyst, in addition my shoulder muscles were torn, and where my knee and hand hit the dashboard I suffered major trauma. When I began to see Dr. Zhao I was having trouble walking, sleeping,sitting, I couldn’t even pull open the door to my office building – I would slip behind people in the revolving door as I was too weak to push it. Dr. Zhao’s treatments have completely healed my spine. On my last MRI, the spine physician advised that the synovial cyst is gone, and the discs are no longer herniated and she would classify my spine as “normal”. This is a long way from where I was – I couldn’t drive for over a year because I couldn’t turn my head to shoulder check. I am now able to drive, and my spine is better. We continue to work on my shoulder, knee and hip, and they too are much improved. My doctors are amazed and one told me that he didn’t think I would have a good outcome as I was so injured – but with acupuncture my healing progressed further than anyone thought possible. I urged my husband who was driving me to my appointments, to have a session, after he collapsed on the C-Train one day. The ambulance took us to the hospital where tests were conducted and indicated slow heart beat – a condition my husband has had all his life. With regular treatments from Dr. Zhao my husband has increased his heart rate, reduced his internal stress and increased his energy. He is less tired and looks younger. A benefit for both of us.

… Evelyn J., Calgary, AB (2011)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I highly recommend these herbs”. I wish to recognize and acknowledge the benefits that I have received as a result of taking the Yin-Yang Balance herbs that you, Dr. Zhao, recommended for me. After being medically diagnosed with clinical depression. I was prescribed the traditional western medications for depression and found them difficult to manage with all the side effects. Who knows what they were doing to my body ? Dr. Zhao, you suggested that I try your Yin-Yang Balance herbs and I have been very pleased with the positive results related to my condition. I feel much more emotionally balanced and don’t suffer from the crying spells that frequently occurred in the past. I am, also, nor am I as irritable or as emotional sensitive to everyday issues. In fact, I am almost over the ‘blues’ and as a result, my psychologist does not consider me to be clinically depressed any more. I attribute this totally to the advantages of the Yang/Yin herbs that you recommended for me. On one occasion I neglected to count out the correct number of herbs for a trip that I took to see our daughter. As a consequence, I was short several days worth of the Yin-Yang Balance herbs and I and everyone else around me suffered for that – I was totally miserable and couldn’t control my crying bouts and I was very volatile. It is profound to me, how stabilizing these herbs have on my emotional well being and they don’t have any side-effects. Apparently, these herbs also help build our immune system so that we don’t catch the flu or other seasonal ‘bugs’. I have not been sick with the flu since being on these herbs and I am most thankful for this added benefit. It is interesting, that my husband knows immediately, if I have forgotten to take my morning Yang herbs. He is very thankful that I have such a wonderful natural remedy for my mood swings. At this stage, they are an enormous benefit and I don’t see myself ever having the need to take anything else for my condition. I highly recommend these herbs. They certainly work for me!!!

… Jean, Airdrie, AB (2011)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I noticed a huge improvement in my skin”. I found Dr. Zhao through an internet search after somebody told me that if I was going to embark upon acupuncture to make sure I found a doctor with at least 15 years experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Zhao certainly fit the bill. I came to him for help with a very bad case of eczema. He began treating me for stress but also encouraged me to alter my diet to avoid certain foods. Many dermatologists I had seen said the possibility that my itchy red spots were caused by food was very remote. I noticed a huge improvement in my skin and I attribute that to Dr. Zhao’s care.

… Jennifer M., Calgary, AB (2011)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

We successfully became pregnant”. Dr. Zhao was providing me with acupuncture in hopes of speeding up the time it might take to get pregnant. While he was helping me, my husband was under a lot of stress at work and was beginning to experience ED issues. I encouraged him to see Dr. Zhao and while my husband doesn’t overly understand acupuncture (not that I do either), he agreed. Dr. Zhao was very positive that he could help us both. I noticed a tremendous difference in my husband very quickly. Literally, one month after my husband began treatment, we successfully became pregnant. I really thank Dr. Zhao for his confidence and positive encouragement. I encourage any couple which is feeling hallenged to see Dr. Zhao before beginning any sort of conventional medical treatment.

… AN, Calgary, AB (2011)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I have spent well over $40,000 on these treatments with no success”. I experienced several physical and mental traumas over the last nine years. As a result of those traumas, specialists diagnosed me with having Chronic Pain Disorder, TMJ, Migraines, Major Depressive Disorder, Mild Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a host of other symptoms and injuries. I sought out treatment from a variety of disciplines including Medical Specialists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, NUCCA Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Cranial Sacral Therapists, Acupuncturists, Dentists, Orthodontists, Occupational Therapy, Psychologists, Naturopaths, Holistic Practitioners, Nutritionists, Personal Rehabilitative Trainers, and Yoga Therapy. I have spent well over $40,000 on these treatments with no success. To say the least, I was extremely frustrated with my endeavor to find a treatment that would help, and I was frustrated with my inability to make progress with my health and injuries. I felt hopeless and I felt as if my body was literally dying. Then one day, I came across Dr. William Zhao’s name on the Internet. I researched his practice further and my instincts told me to make an appointment with him, so I did. I began attending acupuncture 2-3 times per week and taking the Yin-Yang Balance pills. I am now attending one day per week and also taking the Yin-Yang pills. It has been 5 short months and my body and mind have undergone a significant transformation including the following: • I have a significantly less number of migraines and TMJ issues. • I sleep through the night, whereas before I would wake frequently. • I have energy, whereas before receiving treatment from Dr. Zhao I could barely get out of bed and would sleep an average of 12-16 hours a day. • My mood is stable, whereas before I was on a rollercoaster ride of emotions every day even though I was taking anti-depressants. • My breasts and chest no longer hurt, whereas before my family doctor was unable to perform a breast exam due to the excruciating pain. • My body temperature is regulated, whereas before I was always freezing cold. • My sinuses issues and allergies are significantly reduced. Before receiving treatment from Dr. Zhao, I was always had plugged sinuses or the opposite including a runny nose, sneezing and nasal irritation. I was not able to pet my sister’s dog or be around her dog for more than a few minutes. Now I don’t sneeze or wheeze when I am around her dog and can hold him for long periods of time. • My digestion is great, whereas before I had diarrhea and irritable bowel type symptoms. I have no issues now. • Prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Zhao, I was sick with cold or flu symptoms every week. I have not been sick since I started receiving Dr. Zhao’s acupuncture or taking his Yin-Yang Balance pills. • My skin is glowing and my hair is growing back. Before starting treatment with Dr. Zhao, my skin was pale and sickly looking and my hair was thin and falling out. • I now crave natural whole foods, whereas before I craved junk food and sweets. Because of this significant change, I have lost weight and I feel lighter. • I no longer have swelling of my hands, feet and stomach. • My body felt very disconnected within itself and now I feel as if my body is functioning as a whole. The next phase of treatment with Dr. Zhao will focus on my back, neck and shoulder pain. I am certain I will experience positive and lasting results. Please note, I had received acupuncture before from other acupuncturists in the community and did not have a successful outcome. Dr. William Zhao’s acupuncture techniques and incredible knowledge are significantly different than other acupuncturists in that Dr. Zhao’s treatment works. Dr. Zhao, thank you for your skills, wisdom, dedication to healing and your compassion. Peter (office manager), thank you for your kindness, gentle demeanor and knowledge.

…Ann S., Calgary, AB (2010)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

We have been trying to have a second baby for only few months but for our first baby, it happened so fast that I thought that I would need a little help this time. I contacted a friend of mine who told me that she got pregnant with Dr. Zhao’s help so I gave it a try. The first month I started the treatments, I got pregnant ! Thanks to Dr. Zhao

… Lucie T., Calgary, AB (2019)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

My medical doctor is in disbelief”. I had high FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) which was prohibiting my eggs from reaching maturity and therefore, I was unable to become pregnant. After speaking with many doctors in Canada, it seemed my case was hopeless and even fertiltiy doctors (experts) felt the situation was not worth the money we would spend trying invitro fertilization (~$10,000 per attempt). My FSH has tested at around 22 for the last approximately 10 blood tests. I had read somewhere that accupuncture fertility treatments offer a new hope so, I entered a 3-month program at Dr. Zhao’s clinic in Calgary. In that time, I was treated for depression, energy, mood and fertility. Without the need for any further tests, it was easy to notice the increased energy levels and I was in a much happier and mentally healthier state. After the 3 months, I returned for another blood test to specifically measure my FSH. The results are simply astounding. My FSH is at 13 and my medical doctor is in disbelief. The accupuncture treatments are the only new thing that I have done and there is no reason to believe it could be anything else. For my husband & I, this is truly a miracle and offers us the hope of having children naturally and without any need for fertility drugs or in-vitro fertilization. Dr. Zhao is exceptional in his understanding of the human body and how to treat various ailments with accupuncture. To us, he is truly a miracle worker! Thank you Dr. Zhao, your service, expertise and kind manner and second to none. We’ll be coming back!

… Masha & Vip, Calgary, AB (2009)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I started having difficulty with both of my feet about 10 – 15 years ago. I was getting cramping in my toes, discomfort and my feet felt very tight and sore. The visual appearance of my feet started to change as well. They became very red and had dark discoloration in areas. Then I started to get atrophy in certain areas which progressed over the years. I had no feeling in the backs of my heels, with very little sensation on the tops and sides of my feet. I saw my general Doctor and a neurologist. I had many tests with no results. They really did not know what to do or how to help. I finally saw a Naturopath and was advised to change my diet. This did give me some relief, but not very much. I tried an acupuncturist on a cruise and had some great success. When I returned home, I sought out a Chinese trained acupuncturist (with lots of years experience) who also knew how to prescribe Chinese medicine. Dr. Zhao had been referred to me, so I thought I would consult with him. Within a very short time with 2 – 3 treatments per week I was starting to have some very good relief and success. The inflammation started disappearing. The physical appearance of my feet has greatly improved as well. Both feet are at about 90 – 95% improved. I believe that Dr Zhao is very knowledgeable and I was certain he could treat me with success. I am very grateful that I found a treatment that was successful.

… LeeAnne C., Calgary, AB (2019)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


For 2.5 yrs I battled chronic post-nasal drip which resulted in constant throat clearing & coughing. My general practitioner tried different approaches & medications to solve the problem, including referrals to an ENT, an allergist & a cough clinic at the local hospital. I was exhausted & depressed and felt this was not how I wanted my life to go. I saw a Living Social offer by Dr. Zhao for an initial consultation and decided to give acupuncture a try. Dr. Zhao recommended I continue with the acupuncture and a supplement of an herbal tea. Within 3 visits, I was beginning to feel relief and have just finished my final session after just under 3 months of weekly visits. I have a new outlook on life and feel energized and my cough has all but disappeared. I feel I have spent far less with better results with Dr. Zhao and his alternative medical care than what I have cost Alberta Health Care in the 2.5 yrs with traditional medicine. I strongly recommend that AHS look into better funding of proactive/alternative health care as I feel it would be more cost efficient overall and definitely (in my case) more successful. Regards.

… D. Szasz, Calgary, AB (2015)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Zhao has outstanding knowledge in the field of diabetes” About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At First, my doctor suggested a change in diet, such as cutting out sugar and starchy foods, but it continued to worsen and I was eventually prescribed Metformin to keep my blood sugar under control. Over the next few years, although my fasting blood sugar continued to be more or less under control at between 6 and 8 mmol/L, it occasionally went as high as 12mmol/L, which of course let to the increase in the Metformin prescribed dosage. I also had several side effects from Metformin and I eventually decide to stop taking the drug to see if I could reduce my blood sugar levels in some other ways. At this time one of my guys that I worked with suggested that acupuncture might help. Although I must admit that I was skeptical regarding acupuncture, I contacted Dr. Zhao and he treated me with acupuncture and provided me with some herbal pills of his own formulation called “One Down”. He cautioned me to keep a close eye on my blood sugar levels to ensure that it did not go too low because of the pills. Although the acupuncture was successful, I did not continue with it for more that a few months. However, I have continued to take Dr. Zhao’s “One Down” pills regularly and my fasting bloodwork sugar levels have consistently been around 5.4 mmol/L level for some time now. I recently had a blood test to determine my A1C level and my doctor has informed me that the result indicated that I am now below the range of what is considered diabetic. I would strongly recommend these herbal pills to anyone who has type 2 diabetes. I have absolutely no side effect from these herbal pills. I would also like to stress that Dr. Zhao seems to have outstanding knowledge in the field of diabetes.

… Richard D., Calgary, AB (2018)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

We got pregnant right away!”. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a little over eight months. We had conceived right away at the beginning but lost the baby in the first ten weeks. I knew that things were a little off before that because I had started spotting before my periods, which had never happened before, and I put it down to me getting older (38). But when we miscarried I did some research into it, and had come to the conclusion that my hormones were out of balance, specifically that I was low in Progesterone. My husband and I decided that we would try the natural route first and since I had heard of success stories with acupuncture it seemed like a good choice. We chose Dr. Zhao because of his many years of experience, and were pleasantly surprised with his work ethic. Here was a doctor who sat and listened to our story and medical history without ever seeming to rush us out the door, he was kind and gentle, and was extremely confident he could help. He took me into to my first treatment that day and I saw him twice a week for a month and a half (12 sessions). I looked forward to those sessions every week, they were so relaxing and if I came in with a headache or was particularly stressed Dr. Zhao would treat me for that as well. He put me on the Yin/Yang herbal supplements which were awesome, my energy returned immediately and I had the best night sleeps I had ever had since my teenager was born. The end result is that I felt fantastic (I also lost 10 pounds) and we got pregnant right away, even before I had completed all 12 sessions! I would highly recommend Dr. Zhao to anyone looking for a more natural way to manage their health. I know that I plan to keep going for the first trimester to help maintain the pregnancy and my husband is going to go for some back pain he’s been having. We can’t recommend him highly enough! Thank you Dr. Zhao!

… Nicole, Calgary, AB (2011)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

I am a true believer
I stopped having menstral periods for almost a year. When my medical doctor was not able to find the cause of it I started seeing a Naturopath. I stopped taking birth control pills on his advice but after 3 months, my cycle still had not returned. In addition, I started experiencing a substantial increase in hair loss when I stopped the pill. I decided to try acupuncture and chose Dr. Zhao on the recommendation of a friend.
I started getting treatments twice a week. After only two treatments, my hair loss was completely back to normal. I also found I was sleeping better. After 5 or 6 weeks and 11 treatments later my cycle returned. It has been regular now for three months. My problem seemed to be hormone related and I was very sceptical that acupunture would be able help me. I am a true believer now would recommend Dr. Zhao to anyone considering acupuncture.
Thank you Dr. Zhao!
… Debbie, Calgary, AB (2011)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“I am pain free”
I want to express my appreciation and say thank you for taking me as a patient to help get me out of pain and heal my herniated L4, 5 discs.
My initial damage was done November 11, 2007 when I lifted a suitcase incorrectly. I was sent to physiotherapy by my doctor. I was given exercises by Physio and this only made my condition worse as they believed I had a problem with my SI Joints.
I came to see Dr. Zhao on Thursday January 24th 2008 in much pain. Dr. Zhao booked me in for assessment and treatment January 25, 2008 on an a emergency basis. Dr. Zhao did tell me I would need twenty treatments or more. I was sleeping on the floor to ease the pain. I put my healing in his hands and started acupuncture.
I went to see my own doctor on January 29, 2008 and was told by her I needed a MIR but had to be put into the system first which would take some time. On February 27th Rocky View Hospital called to say that a MIR was set for June MRI Center. Mayfair MRI called and scheduled my MIR for Tuesday March4, 2008 which I of course had to pay for.
I continued to see Dr. Zhao once a week, sometimes twice a week for acupuncture. This is a slow process and must be continuous but I was starting to see results. It is now September 2008 and I am concluding my treatment. I was on vacation for 3 weeks and I do notice I am pain free with a little more healing to be done which will come. I do walk daily, I went see the National Spine Care center, a private clinic on May 6th , 2008. They checked on my healing of my dics and they advised me to continue to go for acupuncture as this is good for healing the discs.
I strongly recommend acupuncture and to Dr. Zhao-Thank You again.
… Lorraine B., Calgary, AB (2008)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“I am now 100% cancer free”
I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in October of 2007 and proceeded with 12 Chemotherapy treatments as recommended by my oncologist. At that time, one of my employers gave me a gift certificate for acupuncture with Dr. Zhao – she had suffered from breast cancer previously and highly recommended going for acupuncture treatments – saying it was relaxing and very therapeutic. I waited and waited, never seeming to have enough time or, feeling well enough to go.
After about 7 treatments, I had begun to suffer from pretty severe anxiety before chemotherapy sessions. I finally made an appointment and went for acupuncture, scheduling the appointment to fall the day before my next treatment. Dr. Zhao spent a lot of time asking me about my condition and side effects before proceeding with the needle placement – concentrating mostly on my ‘energy’, lymph system and anxiety. I received my first treatment, had the best sleep I had had in months and, no anxiety the next day! I am now 100% cancer free and I feel that acupuncture helped me relax and helped my body heal!
I am now an acupuncture addict and will continue to go for a very long time! Thank-you Dr. Zhao!
… Andrea F., Calgary, AB (2009)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“It is Amazing”
I have been a patient of Dr. William Zhao since October of 2002. He has been using acupuncture to help my feet and back and has been successful with this, but I am writing to tell you of the change he has made with my asthma and bronchitis.
I teach grade one and as a teacher I am subjected to every kind of flu and cold on almost a daily basis. As a result of this I usually get a cold and a cough that persists throughout the winter. It is annoying and hard on the body. I do not get flu shots because I don’t truly trust vaccinations.
In November Dr. Zhao heard my cough and suggested on herbal preventative therapy called “Cough Free” so I began taking it and have not been sick at all this winter. It is amazing. Others at my work have commented on the fact that I haven’t been coughing this winter. My husband has also commented on the fact that I don’t cough every morning any more. I used to get up in the morning and there would be the usual hacking going on for a few minutes.( I am not nor have I ever been a smoker). Benefits of taking these herbs:
-no colds
-no morning coughing
-no missed days of work
-no visits to my general practitioner
-no outlay for antibiotics(which would cost me nothing through my medical plan but overuse of antibiotics is not good)
-general all around improved health I feel that preventative medicine should be addressed in a positive manner and that funding is needed in the area, which would save the government in the long run. Yours truly
……Denise W., Airdrie, AB (2003)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“The pain completely disappeared”
I developed excruciating pain which seemed to come from my upper back near the shoulder blade and radiated down my upper arm, elbow area and lower arm. This pain made it impossible to use a computer mouse and even sit at a computer and use a keyboard. Also, many other daily functions were very difficult tot perform.
I tried massage and chiropractic manipulations for a couple of months with some limited success. Pain medication gave very little relief. My chiropractor suggested acupuncture ans I started treatments with Dr. William Zhao late March. I went for 2 sessions/week for 6 weeks (total of 12 treatment). The pain gradually lessened and seemed to become more localized. After 9th treatment the pain completely disappeared. I was able to get back doing my job, needlework and everyday functions with no pain!.
I know of other friends that have had success with acupuncture and I personally would recommend it for anyone dealing with pain. I will definitely keep acupuncture as part of my health regime in the future.
A grateful client.
…..Pat L., Calgary (2006)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“My blood sugar readings have been in a very acceptable and stable range”
I am an eighty two year old man, who has had TYPE 2 diabetes for a number of years. Subsequently I’ve been on oral medication. However I’ve had trouble maintaining my blood sugar readings.
About October of 09, I developed an allergy on my ankles and both forearms. My own doctor said it was because of the laundry soap or the bar soap we were using.
Several month went by, and I still had the allergy after using the prescribed medication.
I decided to try acupuncture, and after some research found Dr. William Liye Zhao Ph.D of the CHINA TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE CENTER. With the acupuncture treatments and herbs I received from Dr. Zhao, my allergy cleared up, and my blood sugar readings have been in a very acceptable and stable range.
Because of my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. William Zhao for this type of medical attention.
…Serene E. F., Calgary, Calgary, AB (2010)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“Thank you for giving me back quality of life”
Thank you for giving me back quality of life.
Your immediate diagnosis of my problem followed by treatment of pain and discomfort and explanation of TCM and Acupuncture has had a profound effect on my understanding of alterinative medicine.
I am now doing all I can to promote this form of healing through political channels as well as recommendation to famility and friends.
It was always a pleasure to receive your cheerful and positive assurances.
…Healther, Calgary, AB (2006)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

No longer experience the excessive mood swings”
I started taking the Yin-Yang Balance formula (day and evening formula) approximately 3 months ago and what a difference it has made to my system. As I am in menopause, I have found I have more energy, fewer mood swings, less depression, fewer colds and flus as my immune system has defintely improved. I have tried several things for menopausal symptoms but nothing has been as effective as this formula. I even give it to my two daughters who are 20 and 23 years old and find they are better able to cope with their menstral cycles and no longer experience the excessive mood swings. They also have more energy and just a better attitude towards life and easier to live with.
Thank you Dr. Zhao for this formula, as it has made a big difference in our lives.
… Serene P., Calgary, AB (2009)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“My return to an almost painfree existence”
Thank you Dr. Zhao for my return to an “almost” painfree existence.
I very much appreciate your skill and knowledge that enabled my recovery..
Thanks you!
…Marjouie M., Calgary, AB (2008)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“I got pregnant almost immediately!”
My husband and I were trying to start a fmily for the past few years. Both of our jobs are stressful and busy – so we though we weren’t getting pregnant because of this (stress!). Then I started to go to the Chinese Medicine Centre to see Dr. William Zhao. At first he gave me acupuncture for stress and sleeping, and then gave me herbs for sleeping. Once my over-all health was improved, he did fertility acupuncture on me and I got pregnant almost immediately! I really believe the Dr. Zhao’s positive attitude and insight into Chinese Medicine was the assurer to our prayers!
Thanks again Dr. Zhao!
Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary
He was able to assess my over-all health and make my body ready and able to become pregnant. I’m 35 years old and have been through a lot. I’m a teacher and teach hundreds of students per week and am constantly on the go. Without Dr. Zhao – I don’t think I would be pregnant! Thanks Dr. Zhao! I am continuing acupuncture with him during my pregnancy to help control my stress and to be able to provide a well-balanced home for my baby. My husband and I are thrilled and are ready for our little bundle of joy to come in a few months.
Thanks again Dr. Zhao!
…Sarah-Jane L., Calgary, AB (2008)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“Acupuncture helped both with the pain and the recovery”
This past winter I had a Herniated disc in my lower back. This in turn pinched my sciaticia nerve causing great pain to my left leg. This lasted for 17 weeks. Any pain relief was welcome. Being self employed (mixed farmer) I was thankful for family members to help get the work done.
Several friends recommended acupuncture.
At approx. 3 weeks after it started, I started visiting Dr. William Zhao at China Traditional Chinese Medicine. I do feel that, Under his care, acupuncture helped both with the pain and the recovery.
So my question is –Why is acupuncture not covered by Alberta Health Care?
….Don F., Calgary, AB (2008)
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“Eliminate my craving without side-effects”
Firstly, I would advise anyone that is ready to quit smoking that acupuncture is very effective. I smoked approximately a pack of cigarettes daily.
Acupuncture, as I was told and experienced, did eliminate my craving without side-effects. I had no problems dealing with the habit. From the first therapy I did not light up one cigarette! I am convinced that my readiness to quit resulted in my ultimate success.
Lastly, I would repeat that in my opinion, the key to stop smoking is “100% readiness to do so”, as I believe that no therapy will be effective unless a person to totally committed to quit this addiction. I certainly would hope that everyone enjoy the same success!
Thank you.
…David G., Calgary, AB
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“This weight loss has me feeling younger, healthier, happier”
On March 21,2003 I started my weight loss program with Dr Zhao. At the time I had tennis and golf elbow on both elbows for the past 5 months, and I was looking at Dr Zhao as my savior from this constant pain.
On my first visit, Dr Zhao asked me if I wanted to lose some weight. He explained that I had to be ready to embrace this life style and be ready to make some changes. Since the new year I’d been wanting to shed a few pounds and this new concept, acupuncture, which I hadn’t even heard of, seemed a GREAT side- benefit to getting my elbows healthy again. Killing two birds with one stone so to speak.
So started my relatively short journey to losing mega pounds with no cravings, dieting or stress when stepping on a scale. I didn’t weigh myself when I first started, so am not sure exactly how much I weighed, but I’m thinking somewhere between 205 and 210 pounds. Today, May 27, 2003 I weigh 181 Ibs. This weight loss has me feeling younger, healthier, happier, and in control of my life. I have what I call good energy now. I feel I have a happy, confident aura surrounding me every time I make a step in my day.
I would recommend anyone wanting to lose weight to try acupuncture. It is painless and easy. It is your body’s natural way to lose weight Your system re-finds its’ energy and runs on all cylinders again. No weighing food or counting points, or writing down of everything you eat.
Dr Zhao is also a great mentor and motivator. He loves to help people with whatever problem they have, so you never feel you are short-changed or not looked after properly. Thanks to you Dr Zhao, I feel I can continue to lose more weight on my own, but I also know that if I have any problem at all with cravings, or find myself actually gaining weight back, I can always come in to see you again for a quick tune-up!
Thank you Dr Zhao. I’m so glad you’re an acupuncturist!
…C. A. J., Claresholm, AB (2003)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“My quality of life has improved”
This is my testimonial to the success I have had with acupuncture. I started acupuncture because of severe pain in both hands and groin area. After 6 treatments from Dr. William Zhao, I am able to function better with my hands and there is less pain in my groin, but I am still continuing treatment to improve my groin area more. My quality of life has improved both at home and at work.
… M. J., Claresholm, AB
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“I can now enjoy a good nights sleep”
I have experienced insomnia for many years. The resulting fatigue has led to a number of chronic health and work related problems. And, these have become more noticeable as I age. Doctors have used a variety of pharmaceutical therapies to reduce and overcome my insomnia. Some of these have offered relief but they could only be used periodically because of their addictive qualities and other side effects.
Recently, my physician recommended I try acupuncture. Under the treatment of Dr. William Zhao, using specific acupuncture and herbal treatments, I have found considerable relief from my insomnia and fatigue associated health problems. I can now enjoy a good nights sleep and wake refreshed.
…B. L. A., Ph.D., Professor, Calgary, AB
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“I would like to thank Dr. William Zhao for giving me this special new life.”
This is my testimonial to the success I have had with Acupuncture. I would like to thank Dr. William Zhao for giving me this special new life. Not only did his treatments get me to quit smoking but also turned my life around. I exercise, eat healthy, and feel better about myself.
After many years of trying to have a baby and going through fertility clinics and different treatments I was about to give up. I had asked Dr. William Zhao if he could help me out and he did. After 2 treatments I told Dr. William Zhao the great news, that I was pregnant. I can’t thank him enough.
“Dr. William Zhao, you made a life for me that I thought could never happen”.
Thank You
…A. O’D., Calgary, AB (2002)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“I immediately noticed a difference”
Last spring I started attending Dr. William Liye Zhao’s clinic for relief of chronic back pain. I have found the acupuncture therapy very restorative and frequently am now without pain.
After about my third visit to Dr. Zhao, he asked me how I was feeling. He asked me this because I was very listless and lethargic. I admitted to not sleeping well and having continual hot flushes, which were wearing me out. Dr. Zhao asked me if I was taking any medication and I mentioned an over-the-counter medication for menopause, which didn’t seem to be working very well. He recommended Hot Free, a herbal medicine that he prescribes for hot flushes. I immediately noticed a difference and would highly recommend this to anyone. With all the conflicting information concerning hormone replacement therapy at this time, in my opinion I would much rather take herbal medicines than a drug that doesn’t have a proven track record.
…Kate B., Calgary, AB (2002)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“They worked almost instantly”
I went to see Dr. William Liye Zhao in March 2002, to find out if Chinese herbs could help stop or ease my ‘hot flashes’.
I had tried HRT and ended up feeling like a guinea pig. It did not work consistently and I had very unpleasant side effects ie: uncontrolable crying, feeling anxious, not sleeping.
Dr. Zhao gave me ‘Hot Free’ Chinese herbs and they worked almost instantly. The only obvious side effect was gas – which was corrected.
I would recommend that women try Chinese herbs, from a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to help ease their menopausal symptoms. I feel it is safer than HRT. I think that three thousand years of Traditional Chinese Medicine has proven itself accountable.
…Irene H., Airdrie, AB (2002)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“I am enjoying a pain free life again for the first time in years”
I can fully attest to the wonders Dr. William Zhao and his acupuncture techniques can do.
I have TMJ (temporomandibular or temporal mandible joint disorder), which cause extreme pain in my jaw.
For over 10 years I dealt with constant pain, clicking, and even a few instances where my jaw locked open. I wore a plastic mouthpiece for almost four years, at the end of which I was told the next step would be surgery. This was not an option in my opinion so I sought out other methods of relieving the pain. I began to look into acupuncture and was given the phone number for the Dr. Zhao.
I begin my visit to Dr. Zhao in September 2001. At the time I was in pretty bad shape. After going without the mouthpiece for six months the pain had worsened. I was constantly taking Advil for the pain and spent most nights on the cough with a heating pad on my face to try and relieve the pain. After my first visit for acupuncture I knew this was going to work. I was so relieved, after years of searching, to finally find a procedure that really works.
After just over a year of being treated by Dr. Zhao, I can honestly say my jaw pain is very minimal. I can now go weeks without any pain in my jaw at all. I am enjoying a pain free life again for the first time in years.
Not only has Dr. Zhao made the pain lessen, but he is true joy to be treated by. He and his staff always make me feel welcome and his clinic is a pleasure to visit.
Thank you to Dr. Zhao for his work. He has truly made a difference!
…Heather F., Calgary, AB (2003)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“The acupuncture treatment from Dr. Zhao have given me a new life”
As of September 2001, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Dr. Collingridge sent me for test and did his own diagnose testing.
I have had pain in many areas on my body, I also have Osteoarthritis for over 45 years. Have had surgery on my left knee and leg four times since 1956 thru 1991 when I had a total knee replacement.
I also have experience irritable bowel symptoms, diarrhea, and upset stomach. There are days when it’s really bad then days that are better, but never pain free.
Sleep is also a problem, with a lot of infections; I suffer with depression, fatigue, anxiety, extreme temperature problem, emotional crises, overexertion and stress.
I started acupuncture in Feb./01 with Dr. William Zhao, I see him every Tuesday in Airdrie. The treatment has helped me immensely over last year. Dr. Zhao has me taking herbs to help my stomach. Also he has suggested to eat 6 small meals a day. With lots of veggies, and less red meat, acidic foods, potatoes, fatty foods, sugar, coffee, alcohol and shellfish.
The acupuncture treatment from Dr. Zhao have given me a new life. Even though I still have pain, it has been less. I also exercise every other day, do water therapy at pool. The only thing that is downfall is the price; I don’t know how much longer I can afford the treatments.
…E. L. R., Calgary (2002)
*** Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“Dr. Zhao has reversed my failing strength and once again I am feeling much better”
For the past 15 years I have noticed that as the winter passes into early spring I tend to lose energy to the point where I feel like my battery goes completely dead. Some years it has become difficult to stand, walk, get meals or even talk at times because I have so little energy.
This year there was an extra symptom because I’ve had heart palpitations since menopause started in December It seemed like the palpitations had destabilized my heart rhythm because it felt like my heart was beating out of control in my upper chest My heart felt very sore and tired; like there was a weight on my chest. I felt as if the energies in my body were moving upwards instead of downwards as they normally would (as in swallowing) and this reversal caused indigestion. breathlessness, dizziness end a sensation of my heart pounding out of control in my upper chest creating a choking feeling in my throat.
I had serious indigestion without any enjoyment of food or sense of taste and was sometimes nauseated.
My hands were swollen with edema.
My mind wasn’t working properly; I made simple mistakes, couldn’t find words, ‘forgot things and I felt like I couldn’t think clearly at all. I struggled to do even simple things and felt like I was constantly on the verge of passing out. Doors that had to push open and Stairs to climb UP or down took every bit of strength that I had.
I have tried to “just get over it’ because I recognize the same routine of extremely low energy every year but this hasn’t worked. The one thing that has consistently helped is Traditional Chinese Medicine.
After this year’s round of trying to avoid the expense of treatment and failing to regain my health on my own, I am happy to report Dr. Zhao has reversed my failing strength and once again I am feeling much better. I am very grateful for the knowledgeable care I’ve received especially since nothing appeared wrong with me according to regular medical tests yet I felt like hell.
I am starting to accept that I need regular help and should follow Dr. Zhao s advice to come for monthly maintenance treatments so that I don’t end up so low that I can’t work again. In the long run, this maintenance routine will probably be less expensive than getting seriously run down and needing extensive treatment even springtime.
…JK , Calgary, AB
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“I have virtually no more asthma attacks”
A year ago, I injured my knee in an accident. I decided to try acupuncture in hopes that it would speed up the healing process.
When I mentioned to Dr. Zhao that I had asthma, he offered to treat it along with my knee injury. After about 5 or 6 visits, not only did I notice that the pain and stiffness in my knee was almost completely gone, but that my asthma wasn’t bothering me as much either.
I have virtually no more asthma attacks, even in cold weather when shoveling show. Thanks to acupuncture, I have been able to drastically cut back on my prescription asthma medication.
Thank you Dr. Zhao for fixing that which no one else was able to. My asthma is practically non-existent now. I am truly sold on acupuncture!
…Peter L., Calgary, AB, (2007)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary

“I am growing new toenails”
When I was in my early twenties, my wife and I had among our friends, a Dr. Lee who practiced Chinese Medicine. I gained a lot of respect for his approach to health care.
When I was thirty-four years old, I had a serious heart condition. I went to a Naturopathy doctor who advised me to change my eating habits applied massage. By following his advice I returned to the work force.
When I was forty-seven years old, I left the farm and went to work at the University of Calgary as a Custodian. Shortly after I developed a fungus, on my feet with soars between my toes that I was never able to get rid of.
When I was seventy-eight I gave up dancing because the muscles in my legs would not respond to the music. Over the next six years the condition worsened, mostly on the legs and arms but scattered all over the body. On my feet were raw at times I could not put my shoes on. Itchy rashes scattered all over the body. On my feet were raw spots as big as the palm of my hands. Eight different doctors saw my condition and the only report that I received was, ” We do not know what causes it, we do not know what will cure it, here is some cream to put on it”.
At the age of eighty-five, I became aware of a Dr. William Liye Zhao Ph. D who practice Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. I went to him for advice. He told me that a fungus caused my condition. He recommended that I eat certain foods, consume certain vitamins and herbs. I also went for an acupuncture treatment once a week.
It took about four months for all raw patches to cover with skin. I am growing new toenails. I still have a few small itchy spots scattered over my body and I am carrying on with the therapy till cured.
I have been to Doctors of Chiropractic, Naturopathy and Chinese Medicine a number of times with satisfying results therefore I would like to see those doctors recognized and have equal rights and consideration as medical doctors.
…D. L. ., Airdrie, AB ( 2002)
***Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary